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Quant-commerce d.o.o.

With years of experience in old wood flooring and antique flooring, paneling, doors and stair treads, our company has developed its unique production style and design.
Our products are selected from the finest old wood (mainly oak), and skillfully processed to conform all the requirements of our clients. They are designed to agree with both, traditional and contemporary interiors.

Antique 3-Layers
classic-old R-1

Antique 3-Layers
classic-very old SN-1

Antique 3-layers
very old SV-2

Antique 3-layers
very old V-2

Antique 3-layers
old V-1



- Antique 3-layers old Versailles panel - VO-1 - NO IMAGE
- Antique 3-layers very old Versailles panel - VO-2 - NO IMAGE